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Price: 1.99
Size: 363.8 MB
Category: Games
Update: 2013-02-17
Current Version: 1.0.2
Developer: zhao zhiyuan

Car Club Live zhao zhiyuan

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Car Club Live Description

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★Car Club:Live,customize and drive your own car to race with your friends!!This is a amazing 3D Car Tuning Entertainment software for iphone & ipad !!!!!

★Supported devices:iPhone4+,iPad2+ , iPod Touch 5+
Required system:ios 4.3+

★"This is the very car modification game I always wanted,I really enjoyed it!" said Marcus Wiley,the professional racer who will create his new history in formula cars racing in 2013. www.marcuswileymotorsportsracing.com

★Do you want 3D print your car in 'car club live'?It will be availible in next version!

★The software supplies large amount of full 3D high-poly texture car models for all-round modification. Each car has hundreds of replaceable parts,such as front bumper, rear bumper, car roof, car hood, car door,etc.You can create your own car as you like!
★What's more,you can try to drive your car after modification,to inject nitrogen for shifting gear,to enjoy the excitement of random competitors and speed race.Also you can race with your good friends or on a bet , social mail system will help you to make friends with car fans just like you ,entertainment system will allow you to wash your friend car or steal his purse or maybe smash his window... In addition,you can find all your modified cars in the collections part.Rich mission system and exciting activities will never let you down!!

★We can realize all your car dreams. Join us now!

★If you are a big fan of cars, or you are keen at car modification and car styling, please send e-mail to tapsoul@live.com.And if you like our game,just tell your friends to join in to race with them!

★You can get more information about us from below websites: